Choosing a Bridal Gown should be an exciting and enjoyable journey. When you come to Lunss, you may already have a basic idea of your ideal dress, or, you may have no preconceptions and wish to explore the many and varied options. You may choose a wedding dress from our online bridal shop or you may wish to commission a bespoke design. Custom one dress or combine two or more dresses to be one perfect. Even if you want to replicate a Brand New Dress. The choice is yours.

Once you have settled on a bridal design, we will take your measurements. We will then make a „Toile“ (a dress made from cotton calico or a fabric similar to the one we use for your wedding dress) for the first fitting.

We will only begin making the actual wedding dress when the“Toile“ fits perfectly.

Bespoke Service

Many brides opt for a wedding dress from our bridal wear collection. But more brides like to give their dress an individual twist – for example, by varying the colour, or choice of fabric and even choose other brand wedding dress or bridesmaid dress.

Should you wish to bring your own dream dress to life, you can discuss your bridal design ideas with our designer online: Ideally, you should bring along your sketches (Our designer can make the sketch for you )or anything else that has inspired you.

Dresses from our collection range in price from $200 to $5,000

The price of a bespoke wedding dress is dependent upon several variables: the style and construction of the dress, the fabrics, the labour, and the degree of customization. Certain materials such as beaded fabrics are also more difficult to handle and, correspondingly, more time and attention will be needed to make the dress. If you tell us (honestly) what your budget is, we promise that we will try to find a solution to match it.


You should allow a lead-time of 1-3 months for your wedding dress. This will afford us ample time to do the fittings and to source the right materials;

Of course, for all sorts of reasons, you may need a wedding dress much sooner and can’t wait 1-3 months. Don’t panic! Just let us know, we have our Rush Order Service. We can shorten the lead time to be 1-2 weeks.

We are at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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