What BlushCheek always believes is that only the simple yet exquisite craftsmanship can be regarded as the most beautiful way to make the abstract affection of love visible. Each and every flawless artwork made purely by hand, worn either in hair, or around the neck or wrist, is ready to put the trigger of sincere love, bringing love and beauty to eternity.

* Below is an example with one of the hair vines.


The sheet metal is put in the ancient mould made of tin and struck at with a small iron hammer to form the original shape of the many exquisite artworks.


In hand are the tools with the indelible marks of history. The treasured diamonds are cut into crystal polyhedrons, which enables each flat face to shine like celestial and luminous stars.


The veins of the diamonds and the parts to be cut off can be observed carefully, with the help of a magnifier and metal tweezers, to delicately embed the diamonds in the fine metal with perfect angles.


The flexible wire is held by the gentle hand and coiled wholeheartedly. Natural stones are used as decoration to create the exquisite artwork.


Experienced artisans would use all kinds of small chisels to beautify the metal by chiseling patterns of lively birds and plants, trying to achieve the unity of heart and hands.


Paints specially prepared for accessory making are applied on the metal with the brush made of mink hair. The fire near the kerosene lamp helps the colors and the metal harmoniously blend with each other.

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